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Christmas Eve Walk

“Lets do one last push.” A familiar phrase muttered in all pickups after a long walk producing nothing but a few tracks and some tired dogs following a long walk through a sea of CRP. It’s 15 degrees and somehow you are both hot and freezing while driving past a plot of land that looks promising.


Reluctant yet hopeful we step out of the pickup for one last walk. A sea of grass, slough bottom, and food plots await as we release the dogs and load our guns. What seemed to be 20 yards in we are met by a birdie dog followed by a hen pheasant bursting from the nose of the seasoned yellow lab. At that moment our frozen hands and heavy legs are left behind at the pickup. A few more yards, or at least what we thought was a few yards, we make contact with a rooster. Like a helicopter taking flight we take draw and reward the dogs for a job well done.


Looking back the “one last push” ended up being a mile, if not more, walk through frozen upland habitat. Like most outings, our reluctant hearts and sore bodies seemed to have been a lost moment in time as we recapped the walk resulting with a bird in the vest.

Even if we didn’t make contact with a single bird, the hunt was a success. In my opinion that is the success, getting outdoors and creating memories.

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